ECOFILL HT1 DRUM Llenadora semi-automática

The ECOFILL HT1-DRUM is a semi-automatic filling of last generation, for the packaging of both containers of small format (3L, 5L, 10L, 15L and 20 L) and high-capacity (200L, 500L and 1. 000L) quick, accurate and very easy to use with starter, destaponado, empty of air, management of ascent and descent of the bag, filling, nitrogen injection, capping and automatic expulsion. The operator will position the bag in the nail and clamps and the machine will automatically start the packaging cycle. In large sizes, the head together with clamps will go up allowing the product that we are packing to fill the base of the container, after a few seconds (programmable depending on the product that we are packing) head will drop and will continue with the filling until it is completed.

CARTOBOL can supply the ECOFILL HT 1 DRUM machine with a road roller motor for the feeding of the packaging machine. Structure in stainless steel. Its electronic and pneumatic components provide you with maximum reliability and performance. Equipped with touch screen, bar security and Autostart as well as flexible rotor centrifugal pump.